About Me

My name is Fran Jenkins and I am a clinical hypnotherapist.  This rewarding career comes after retirement from over 20 years teaching elementary school.  I was looking for something to do after teaching that would enable me to establish my own business and hours of work, but something that would allow me to continue to help people.

I have used hypnosis in my own life and want to be able to share the benefits of hypnosis with others.  I used hypnosis to successfully quit smoking, and that was over 30 years ago.  Years later, my mother and I were going on a cruise and I didn't want to gain a bunch of weight, so I went to a hypnotist before we left.  During that cruise, I took exercise classes, walked the deck, and made (mostly!) healthy food choices.  I only gained about 2 pounds, not the dreaded 10 pounds I had heard people moan about!  I have been hypnotized to quit picking my cuticles, a lifelong bad habit now beaten.  I know hypnosis works!

I live in Port McNeill with my husband, 2 cats, and our beloved dog, Jack.  I have two children, adult young men we are both extremely proud of.  In our spare time, we love to camp on our boat, the Deja Vu, spending time among the islands of northern Vancouver Island.  Personally, I enjoy beading and making jewelry, and quilting, which I rarely seem to have the time for!

I hope to meet you soon!