Sometimes, that which is blocking us in our present is rooted in the past.  I love the image of the door illustrating that, through hypnotherapy, I can help you open the door to your past, find the answers you seek, and then help you close that door to the ghosts that lingered there. 

Our minds are complex, and, at times, fragile.  All it takes is the right person saying the wrong thing at the wrong time in our lives to cause what could be a lifetime of damage.  Think of a young girl being told by a friend that she is too fat, and how easily that can lead to negative body image, obesity, or eating disorders as an adult.  Until she is able to go back and undo that message, she would continue to run into that block in her life.  Any message, real or perceived, has the potential to stick with us and colour our present lives. The negative messages or events can range from creating small hiccups in your life, or get to the point of crippling. Through hypnotherapy, together we can work to go back and "unpeel the onion" to discover the core, the roots, and cut away the power they  have over you.

Phobias and fear are often rooted in the past, and it is only through uncovering (not reliving) the initial event, that progress can be made and fears resolved. 

I can help you safely step through the door to your past, help you put to rights what needs to be resolved, and enable you to close the door again with confidence to move forward in your life.